Wyatt Metal & Boiler Works — 1939

by Paula Bosse

I don’t know what this is exactly, but the Wyatt company made boilers, etc. for, among other industries, the oil and gas industry. This 1939 metal structure looks pretty futuristic. I hope it sat somewhere in West Texas, awaiting alien visitation.


I’m feeling a little The Day the Earth Stood Still vibe. …But less streamlined and more bulbous.



Sources & Notes

This issue of The Wyatt Way (September-October, 1939) was found on eBay, here. (“The Wyatt Way, A Magazine for the Builders of the Southwest,” published by Wyatt Metal & Boiler Works, Houston and Dallas, Texas.)


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4 thoughts on “Wyatt Metal & Boiler Works — 1939

  1. It is a tank for storing high pressure gas. It may have been used in Midland or Amarillo, where there were refineries, but there were many more in the Golden Crescent, between Corpus Christi and Beaumont-Port Arthur.

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