Perkins Windmill Couture — 1890s

The display model…

by Paula Bosse

Above, Miss Corinne Baker of San Angelo, Texas, wears a promotional windmill dress, advertising the Perkins Wind Mill Co. (of Mishawaka, Indiana) and C. Titus, a Texas agent. This is pretty spectacular. The skirt made of blades is great. (See this photo larger here.)

 A quick look to see what I could find out about Miss Baker (1869-1961) turned up the fact that, in 1886, she was the first woman to both complete four-years of college coursework and receive a Bachelor of Arts degree from a “male” college in the South — in this case, the University of Mississippi. And she could pull off a kooky ensemble with a certain awkward grace.


Clarion Ledger (Jackson, Miss.), June 30, 1886


Fort Worth, Texas Gazette — Feb. 15, 1888



Oskaloosa, Kan. Independent, Aug. 31, 1900


Sources & Notes

Photo from the book American Windmills by T. Lindsay Baker. (Larger image here.)

Color card from Dick Sheaff’s fabulous ephemera site, here.

Clippings as noted.

Most images larger when clicked.


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