“Bug Man” Testing For Radiation at the Hanford Plutonium Plant — 1956

by Paula Bosse

Behold, Ray Wonacott, a Cold War-era employee of the Hanford plutonium plant at Richland, Washington (later known as the Hanford Site) dressed in his antennaed “bug suit” armed and ready for radiation detection.


This is a cropped news photo that appeared in newspapers around the country in the spring of 1956. The full image is more impressive (click pictures to see larger images):


The News-Herald, Franklin and Oil City, PA (March 27, 1956)

If nothing else, I’ve learned what a “throat microphone” is.

Remember: “Loose talk — a chain reaction for ESPIONAGE.” Remain vigilant.

via Wikipedia

“Here’s Hanford” (1944), via eBay


Sources & Notes

International News Photo (cropped) found on eBay.

“The History of the Hanford Site, 1943-1990” by David Harvey is a 45-page publication issued by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and can be read in its entirety in a PDF here.


Copyright © 2018 Paula Bosse. All Rights Reserved.

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